This round we learn about Carbon. We learned about the form of carbon and the type of compound that contain mostly carbon such as coal, diamond, chalk and more. We also learned about Hydrocarbon. There are two types of Hydrocarbon: Saturated Hydrocarbon and Unsaturated Hydrocarbon. Let start with the Saturated Hydrocarbon. The Saturated Hydrocarbon also knowns as the Alkanes. In the Alkanes, they divided into10 and here are some examples: Methane, Ethane, Propane. Here is the formula of Methane = CH4 , Ethane = C2H6, Propane = C3H8 . Unsaturated Hydrocarbon is divided into two: Alkenes and Alkynes. Alkenes are divided into 10 and here are some examples: Ethene, Propene and Butene. Here is the formula of Ethene = C2H4, Propene = C3H6, Butene = C4H8. The other kind is Alkynes. It is also divided into ten and here are some examples: Ethyne, Propyne and Butyne. Here is the formula of Ethyne = C2H2, Propyne = C3H4, Butyne = C4H6. This all about round 3. Thanks.

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