When I first heard that I was in Electricity Exploration I was stressed, because I thought it would be boring. I expected the class to be all about talking, researching and just listen to people talk about the boring things that related to electricity. But after I learn about electricity for about a week I start to think that electricity is interesting. Then my teacher said we are going to go on a trip to meet people who know about electricity way better than us. At that time, I only think that the trip is going to be fun because I get to go out after all. After I arrived there, I was so bored but I still focus on what the people say. When we came back from the trip, I reflect myself on the trip and actually realize that I was thoughtless, because all the information I got was unexpected for me. My group planned a lot of trips to go meet people, after about three trips I realize the importance of me learning about electricity. Personally, I think that without electricity we humans would go back to ancient times like living in caves. Because nowadays we have house because we have electricity to power our house and if we don’t have electricity that you can live in the house. It would be too hot or too dark and it dangerous for those families who have little kids in their house. But as I continued to learn more about electricity I also found out that the more electricity we can produce the more it will be wasted. Because we have too much electricity, we started to waste it. To generate electricity for us, our environment was polluted and it will destroy our Earth. So, I think that we should all help save electricity to save the Earth and yourself.

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