I choose to work on creating a kind of game on Because I was stuck in finding something to do. After a while, the word pop up in my mind and I decide to work on something in I used to have a lot of experience in It was a resource that I use when I first start coding and I not that difficult now that I knew most of it function. But there are still some code that are hard to understand. So, I just go on the internet and learn more about it. I really love the game I create. Because it is something that I put my time, love and attention to, all the other project on that I had worked on I didn’t spend this much time and not even loving it. The goal of the game is to get to Gumball to Penny without touching the other character. This is the Game

Human Of Cambodia

What is Human Of Cambodia mean? Well, Human Of Cambodia is an exploration that join and it is great. In this exploration, we go out interview people on the street, communities and houses. We are trying to get to know the experience of life from people in Cambodia that we don’t notice much. Their life are unfortunate than us and they can’t do anything. “If we see people who are unfortunate than us, we should help them”. It doesn’t have to be about money. We can help them our way like us we help them by spreading their story. Below are two performance that we choose to show to people. Those performance are true story about two different family.  

First Performance

Second Performance


This round my exploration is “Outdoor Leadership”,  in this exploration we went on two trips. The first trip is to Kirirom and the second trip is to Mondulkiri. During our trip we camp in the wood to experience and observe nature that we don’t see much in the city. Below is my Photo Essay, I am writing it because it is my reflection for the trip: Photo-Essay




This round we learn about Carbon. We learned about the form of carbon and the type of compound that contain mostly carbon such as coal, diamond, chalk and more. We also learned about Hydrocarbon. There are two types of Hydrocarbon: Saturated Hydrocarbon and Unsaturated Hydrocarbon. Let start with the Saturated Hydrocarbon. The Saturated Hydrocarbon also knowns as the Alkanes. In the Alkanes, they divided into10 and here are some examples: Methane, Ethane, Propane. Here is the formula of Methane = CH4 , Ethane = C2H6, Propane = C3H8 . Unsaturated Hydrocarbon is divided into two: Alkenes and Alkynes. Alkenes are divided into 10 and here are some examples: Ethene, Propene and Butene. Here is the formula of Ethene = C2H4, Propene = C3H6, Butene = C4H8. The other kind is Alkynes. It is also divided into ten and here are some examples: Ethyne, Propyne and Butyne. Here is the formula of Ethyne = C2H2, Propyne = C3H4, Butyne = C4H6. This all about round 3. Thanks.



This round we learn about Python. Python is a type of coding/programming. First, we learn about some of the basic about python like Print Statement, String, Variables, Comment, Number and more. Then, we start to learn about For Loop, And Or Not, If Statement, Else Statement and more. We did very on all the lessons and our teacher is also impressed. I learned a lot about Python in this round. I hope to become an expert on coding in the future.

5A Test

This round we finished our 5A math book. I am very excited to continue to 5B. We also have a math test to end the book. All we did was just reviewing our lesson and prepare for the test. The test was not bad and I got about 80% correct answer. It was a fantastic round.



This round we learn about Covalent Bonding and Ionic Bonding. As I have learned the Covalent Bonding is between two same atoms shared their electron to complete each other and stay stable. Ionic Bonding is between two different atoms, one of them give away their electrons to the other atom to both complete and stay stable. Our teacher also introduces us to chemical reaction at the end of the round. As I have learned chemical reaction is the result of two different molecules bond or hit each other.

Photograph and Programming

Photograph and Programming

This round in our multimedia class we learn about the basic of taking a good photograph. We learn about ISO, aperture, exposure, shutter speed. We also learn about the camera shot types such as long shot, full shot, medium shot, close-up, extreme close-up, low angle, high angle, eye level, tilt and over the shoulder. We also learn a little bit of Python, too. When we were learning about taking photographs, we go out and take pictures of different things on our campus. For Python we just start, we learn about the comment, string, print and more. These are the basic step to starting about programming. These are some pictures that I have toke during the class.



Indigenous Groups

Indigenous Groups

For this round, my exploration is about Indigenous Groups in Cambodia. We are trying to create a book about different indigenous groups that are living in the rural area around Cambodia. In the book, we plan to have different categories such as Geography + Population, History, Language and more. One of my friend and I were working on Language, which is one of the hardest categories. Because we have to find the word that could help people to read and pronounce it right.

Picture from Kampong Speu

In order to get the information, we went on two trips. One is to Kampong Speu which we interview the Souy people. There are 5 villages, we went to one of the villages. We interview the Souy representative about Language, Population+Geography and more. The people there are just like Cambodian people, but the older people they communicate with each other using their own language. However, the younger generation mostly speaks Khmer, because when they born they learn Khmer first. At the end of our trip, we also went to have a short visit at hot spring called ទេទឺកពុះ because it is related to Souy folklore.

On our second trip, we went to Ratanakiri. At Ratanakiri, we interview 4 different groups of indigenous people such as Kachok, Tompoun, Jarai and Kreung. Kachok people are very shy and quiet. They don’t really want to communicate with us much at first. The Kachok people live in the edge of the mountain in the forest. It is 65 km from banlung. There are about 10 Kachok representative. Kachok people live as clan family. Tompoun people are very friendly and organized. They live on top of a mountain. The live 10  km far from banlung. The older people there speak their own language with each other, but the younger generations speak half Khmer and half Tompoun. They make their own product to sell and earn money. They work as a group to the product. Jarai lives about 50 km from banlung. They are friendly but kind of shy. They have a belief that girl should do all of the works. They are always busy working from morning to evening. They like to gather around and speak with each other using their own language. Even the younger generation also speak Jarai with each other. Kreung representatives are shy and quiet. The older people are having trouble understanding Khmer and they only know a little bit of Khmer. They always communicate with each other using their own language. The younger generation speaks more Khmer. Then, we went to Khmer Ler. The workers there are mostly from different indigenous groups such as Jarai, Tompoun, Kreung and more. This is all from our trips.





This round in the Khmer class we learn about the history of the poem and the differences between them. We each create our own type of poem. I create the 4 words poem, the structure of the poem is the fourth word in line 1 of part 1 have to rhyme with the first word in line 2 of part 1, the fourth word in line 4 of part 1 have to rhyme with the fourth word in line 2 and the fourth word in line 3 of part 2. Below is the poem I created.


វគ្គនេះនៅក្នុងថ្នាក់ខ្មែរយើងរៀនអំពីប្រវត្តនៃកំណាព្យខ្មែរនិងភាពខុសគ្នារវាង កំណាព្យ។ យើងម្នាក់ៗបង្កើតកំណាព្យផ្ទាល់ខ្លួនរបស់យើងមួយ។ ខ្ញុំបានបង្កើតបទ ពាក្យ​ ៤។ របៀបបង្កើតបទពាក្យ ៤​ គឺពាក្យទី៤នៅក្នុងបន្ទាត់ទី១នៃវគ្គទី១ត្រូវ ជួនជាមួយពាក្យទី១នៅក្នុងបន្ទាត់ទី២ នៃវគ្គទី១ ពាក្យទី៤នៅក្នុងបន្ទាត់ទី៤ នៃវគ្គទី១ត្រូវជួនជាមួយ ពាក្យទី៤នៅក្នុងបន្ទាត់ទី២ពាក្យទី៤នៅក្នុងបន្ទាត់ ទី៣នៃវគ្គទី២។ ខាងក្រោមនេះជាកំណាព្យដែលខ្ញុំបានបង្កើត។  

Sonita Poem